Quality is an obligation - for more than 180 years

Niederauer Mühle was founded in 1831 as a fabric mill at the foot of the Eifel. The manufacture of paper was added in 1889 to satisfy the increasing demand of retailers and publishers for high quality paper.

The families Autenrieb and Meyer acquired the company in 1984. As the owners, they manage Papierfabrik Niederauer Mühle GmbH until today. Through investments in technology and know-how, Niederauer Mühle is one of the leading suppliers of white corrugated medium paper. The production volume was increased from 9000 tons in 1984 to more than 300,000 tons of paper per year today.

Niederauer Mühle specializes in white corrugated medium paper. The high quality paper is used as printed cover layer for cardboards and as headliner. It is a part of corrugated cardboard packaging and if individually printed, it is used as an effective signboard.

Niederauer Mühle is a pioneer of the dual system. Beverage cartons are recycled since 1999. The paper fibers are used in the production process The separated polyethylene fraction and the aluminum are removed form the conditioning process for further use. The innovative recycling process was refined for many years by Niederauer Mühle.

The company has currently 175 employees. Papierfabrik Niederauer Mühle is committed to the advancement of junior employees and has currently nine apprentices. Students who are pursuing dual academic studies in the commercial as well as the industrial area are supported by Niederauer Mühle.